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Saturday, April 6th 2019, 4:25am

Polaris 03 - RMXP - English

Sorry to speak english, I'm french. :wacko: I'd like to show you the latest game made by our team since "The Seventh Door":

The FAMAS community presents


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Status: completed game, collaborative project with varied gameplay
Genre: science fiction, puzzle, adventure
Languages: English & French
Game length: minimum of approximately 2 hours
Engine: RPG Maker XP
Graphics and music: custom

In a near future, your space shuttle crashed in the middle of Antarctica. You are unharmed but your spaceship is shattered. In order to survive, you will have to explore the depth of an odd structure, nearby the crash site...

DOWNLOAD POLARIS 03 v1.2 - final version - 113 MB

Other link via itch.io : Polaris 03 by sriden

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People who have worked on this game:
Roi of the Suisse
Alex RoiEsper + forêtnor + Zeus81

We also want to thank these people for their help:
AlterEgo, Darxenas, Felwynn, Shin, Zim

Check the original soundtrack of this game on youtube: Polaris 03 - Original Soundtrack - YouTube

DOWNLOAD POLARIS 03 v1.2 - final version - 113 MB

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